Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First blog ever

As my first offical blog, I must admit I'm nervous. Everybody will be reading what I write, mistakes and all. However, I expect it will get easier with time. So, to offically document my steps towards teaching in South Korea, I will attempt to keep this as up to date as possible!

Corinne and I have offically applied through www.teacheslkorea.com and have already been contacted by our teacher rep, Dan Henrickson. We spent almost two hours on the applications, trying to pick the perfect pictures, write the perfect little blurbs about ourselves, etc. While the process is still very long and we have much to do, it felt amazing to do that first step. After much discussion, we decided to put our arrival date in October. I initially wanted to leave right away but October feels perfect now. We'll enjoy the summer and spend lots of time with friends and family, many of whom still need some convincing that Korea is a good idea!

I am so excited and ready for this experience I can hardly stand it!

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