Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've got a Nikon camera...

As I settle into a routine, it is easy to forget how amazing it is to be here. All those things that seemed so amazing the first time I saw them have become part of my daily norm. However, there are the little things that keep that element of surprise alive. Sometimes it is the little market we pass on our way to school, blasting American music (today was "Hey Ricki"), that reminds me to be present and appreciate the things around me.

Christmas break is coming soon and I can hardly wait. We're heading to Seoul and intend to get into as much stuff as we can in three days. I can't wait to put my camera to work and see something amazing. We plan to head to the DMZ and take the tour. That alone will make the trip, the rest is just frosting. Not only do I need the break from school and kids, I need to travel. The wanderlust is acting up once again.

Oragami cranes for my Christmas tree.

currently listening to: Kodachrome, Simon and Garfunkel

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