Thursday, August 19, 2010

A dozen green apples

My favorite fabric market never ceases to provide me with fun fabrics that are begging to be turned into something. So what did I do with this hot glue gun and green apple extravaganza?

Why I made a bag for my yoga mat. That's what.

It even has a little cinch at the top to hold my pretty pink mat in there tight.

(Of course that is my ultimate fabric find in the background.)

Making things is my ultimate stress release. I get so focused I can't think about anything else. Korea has given me an endless plethora of crafting options, and I've gotten elbows deep into it. It's amazing.

Currently listening to: Hills and Valleys, The Rocket Summer.


  1. Long time but I've kept up with your adventures. I thought I'd say hello this time. So I see you still it! Do you remember the little 50's apron you made me? Probably not but I have it in my kitchen drawer and I see it every now and again but it's strange how I can't seem to use it. It's to darn cute to get dirty. Haha!! The yoga mat bag is adorable by the way.

  2. I do remember it! Wear it and make a bunch of cookies! Thanks for keeping up with my little adventure. No matter where I go, I'll always find a way to sew/make stuff. I just can't help myself :)