Monday, November 22, 2010

So I says to the guy...

Look at Kim Jong-Il and his stunner shades.
I bet he just told the best joke anybody had ever heard.

It is hard to believe that this maniac is hours away from my front door.  Despite the recent reveal of a full on modern nuclear weapons making system up in the DPRK, I couldn't be less worried.  People here aren't phased by news from the North.  I'm much more concerned with the state of their people.  They desperately need help, and instead they have this maniac dumping all their cash (what little there is) into weapons and his personal exploits. 

When I was in the states, I would check the DPRK website for their hilarious news stories.  The website is blocked here, but you should check it out-

Anyway, it's almost Thanksgiving and we already had some amazing pumpkin pie (Costco!).  We couldn't wait.

Currently listening to:  We Used to Wait;  Arcade Fire.

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