Friday, June 26, 2009

Processes of all sorts

I called the Korean Consulate in Seattle today. The menu was in Korean and for some reason I continued to stay on the line hoping for some English. Finally there was "For English, press 7". That was a relief. Until the lady who answered in Korean that is...but then she introduced herself in English. How exhausting answering the phone in both languages every time it rings!

We have to do a personal interview at the Consulate with a Consul. Since we are a fair distance away from them, they said we could send them DVDs of ourselves. Awkward. So, while a road trip to Seattle would be a blast, it would be expensive. So now we are directors of our own ten minute films. This should be interesting.

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  1. Hi Alexandra, I've been thinking about applying to teach esl in Korea too, and am interested in applying with I found your blog when I was searching for more information about them--if you have a moment, I was wondering how your experience with them has been so far. Were you referred to them by anyone? You can reach me at Thanks for any advice!