Thursday, July 9, 2009

Butterflies and popsicle sticks

Part of our process to get visas is to get criminal background checks. Corinne and I went to the courthouse where we approached a desk and the lady had no idea how to help us. After freaking out over how young we look, she finally went to her computer and came back with us papers certifying we had no felonies in Yellowstone county. Helpful. But not what we need. Also, she never asked for our ID's, she just had us write down our names and birthdays. We could have been anybody. So, that was fun.

Then we went to the police station where they gave us the appropriate information for a full background check (which has to be sent to the state) and we get to have fingerprinting done (at the county jail)! So we'll see how long that all takes but we just have to focus on getting it finished. Maybe we can go to the jail tomorrow...awesome.

After all of our legal stuff was through, we visited Starbucks for a little pick me up, and then headed back to the center Corinne works in. I decided to spend some time every week in her classroom volunteering my time. Not only will I have a blast hangin with the kids, it will help me get used to interacting with them again. Plus it always looks good on my resume.

So today we woke up from nap, ate Rice Krispie treats, had wild free time where I made the kids butterflies out of construction paper and Corinne stapled them to popsicle sticks, I had the little girls babysitting my baby (who was a monkey) named Pearl Antoinette (that will be my real baby's name someday), and then we rocked out to a Kidz Bop Jonas Brothers cover.

Could you ask for a cooler afternoon? I think not.

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