Thursday, July 30, 2009

12ish weeks

Time is flying and Corinne pointed out that we have "12ish weeks" left. Yikes!! I still feel like we have so much to do. While most of our paperwork stuff is done, we are still trying to finalize our E2 work visas. Now our focus has to shift to getting everything prepared. We have to gather all the things we are going to need and eliminate all the things we might want, but don't need. We can only check two bags and we can have a modest carry on. So preparing for a year with only two suit cases seems daunting, but I think it might be a great experience too. Simplify, simplify, simplify. That is a concept I have always wanted to live by, but it always slips away from me. I love having stuff, and usually lots of it.

So, in the time that I have left here this summer, I intend to spend as much time enjoying the Montana summers I have missed for so long. My amazing new camera will be my constant companion. Here are a few pictures of my sister I took last week. She is wearing Yellowbird shirts, my friends clothing line she will be selling on Etsy! It was a blast taking these photos for 5 hours in the heat, with horrible light, and constant attention from people passing by.

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