Monday, January 4, 2010

Seoul shine.

A short winter vacation spent in freezing South Korean temperatures was not ideal. However, we made do and did what we could to enjoy the time away from the ever so sweet but constantly squealing children. We hopped on the amazingly comfortable KTX train in an attempt to leave it all behind for a bit.

We left for Seoul as if nothing could possibly go wrong (because it's us. that's why.). However, this was not the case. Immediately upon our arrival, snow began to fall and the freezing temperature dropped to subzero. To add insult to injury, we weren't aware that there are two subways of the same color, running opposite ways, needless to say we started out on the wrong one. This did little to daunt our spirits as we struggled to find our hotel and the snow began to accumulate on our coats and suitcases. Once a kind stranger helped point out that we were standing thirty feet from our hotel door, we settled in and prepared for some power shopping.

While the shopping in Korea is endless, it is a struggle to find things that fit properly (mainly jeans) and that are made of at least at least 50% cotton (cotton is an expensive import here, oh the things we take for granted). So, we set about shopping and eating and enjoying the bustling city that was being blanketed in white. While many purchases were made, few brought me as much enjoyment as this little piece-

It's a camera necklace. Awesomeness.

We survived three days in Seoul, spending a significant amount of time in a lovely Starbucks near our hotel where we ate fabulous bagels and I had perfect macchiatos. We were able to squeeze in a self-guided palace tour, an Andy Warhol exhibit, and a dinner at Outback. We left as planned, seemingly unharmed...until the next morning of course when I realized that I had left the two pairs of jeans and a shirt I bought in our hotel. Seoul is exhausting. Check out my Picasa album as it is full of amazing shots and a few video clips too.

currently listening to: Just Say Yes, Snow Patrol.

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