Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday afternoon

I love the weekend in Korea. There are times when I rarely leave my cozy apartment. Then there are the weekends that are filled with activities and plans and places to see. I have especially come to love the slightly lazy weekend that involves excessive time in stationary stores and coffee shops downtown. Our favorite coffee shop has a swing in the window that we quickly commandeer the moment it is open. While the weather can sometimes make things miserable, there is always something to occupy the time.

There has never been a weekend that has gone by slowly. I often find myself lost among the many small stores that are constantly changing and need to be re-explored. My camera can lead me to some fairly distracting places too. The endless supply of interesting things to be photographed can lure me away like a toddler distracted by something shiny. I have found my weekends here to be among the most relaxing weekends of my entire life. I know it won't always be that way, so I'm trying to enjoy these moments as much as I can.

(That's me.)

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