Friday, February 19, 2010

Another month, another New Year.

Lunar New Year (usually called Chinese New Year in the 'ol west) was a special experience. The children were completely decked out in their beautifully made Korean Hanboks, the traditional Korean garment. Being a total textile-a-holic, I was obsessed with the colors, patterns, fabrics, and embroidery.

The children were beyond adorable in their tiny outfits. While we westerners didn't quite carry the Hanbok as well as the Korean teachers did, we did our best. We were loaned Hanboks for the day and got to play along with the kids. I plan to have a Hanbok made for myself before I leave. It will be a special reminder of what an awesome experience this all is.

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  1. The pictures you take are always so beautiful :) I really enjoy reading your blog.