Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The first 100

I am almost 100 days into this Korean adventure. It is almost impossible to believe how much time has passed. Once you settle into a routine here, things move pretty quick. I'm not sure where I thought I would be at this point in my time here, but I definitely thought I would have seen more of the country by now. Oh well, there are still 265 days left to see all the temples, parks, mountains, trails, and old Buddhas that I can.

Here is a little list of the most important things the first 100 days has taught me-

1. It isn't going to be anything like you think it is.
2. If you see something cool, check it out. It might not be there tomorrow.
3. The money seems like Monopoly money. But it isn't.
4. The Seoul subway system is scary but super rad once you figure it out.
5. A bus card is the best thing ever.
6. Don't forget to turn the shower head off (it is connected to the bathroom faucet...it has ruined a morning or two for me).
7. Few things feel better than receiving a care package, a card, or anything from home.
8. Korean food is generally cheap and super tasty. Don't be too scared of it.
9. When you are totally unsure of what to do somewhere, just stand there looking around until a Korean tries to help you (they always do!).
10. Leave your apartment as much as you can.

So, Korea, here is to the next 100 days :)

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