Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Having my fill.

A few things I can't get enough of lately.

#1.  This amazingness.

#2.  Chamchi gimbap.  I just love it.

#3.  This amazing chocolate cake from my baker.  It is the closest thing to homemade cake I've found in Korea.

#4.  The new tiny babies at school!  They are just so little and adorable I can't stand it.

#5.  Thinking about this summer.  It is going to be truly spectacular.

I have so much to plan for as I wrap up my time in Korea.  I have three months left and so much to do.  I still have a short list of things to see/do here.  Who knows.  It may not be my last time.

Currently listening to:  The video you should have just watched.

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