Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The dentist. Korean style.

Going to the dentist in Korea is a special experience.  It is a lot like your dentist in America minus the gloves, warnings about things about to happen to your teeth, and trashy magazines in reception (well these might still be there but they are in Korean).  However, since two dental visits have been free for me so far, I'm thinking you have to take the good with the bad.  My dentist is a former student's father so he says "Aw.  St. Louis teacher.  Service scaling." (service means free in Korea).  However, my tooth restoration was not free, but still reasonable (I had some exposed, super painful roots).  It was painful and I kind of made a scene in the office.  Which was lame because the lady three chairs over was having half her upper teeth removed without a flinch...

So, if you're living in Korea, go to the dentist!  Or don't.  The no gloves thing is a little hard to handle.  I'm also pretty sure an ad like this could still run in Korea.  Seriously.

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